Can someone help me here...

I know very little about memory and it's performance. I've read the sticky but am still undecided as to whether it's worth upgrading...

At the moment I have 2 x 512MB sticks of Crucial RAM - cost me £65 for the kit, but I'm now wondering if I'll see any benefit from upgrading to this Corsair memory:

...could someone tell me what kind of real world difference I would see by installing this stuff??

If I did upgrade I'd get 2 gigs, but for the sake of comparison what difference, gig for gig, would there be?
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  1. in my OCing minded opinion i think it is a great idea. I use Corsair and recomend it to every one. but it realy matters how much ram you use. if you just brose the internet, rip cds, and do low tasks all the time i would save my momney and just go with the 2x512. but if you do lots with high end programs such as running cs2 while one the internet and basicly do every thing on your computer at once (wich is realy fun :)) go with the 2x 1024 corsair. corsair in my opinin is alot faster and more stable and able to go much further than its competitors

    hope that helps
  2. You will see a huge difference and you will not be disapointed. By the way
    the more headspace your give your CPU the better it will perform. I have 2 Gigs of Corsair XMS 2x1024. Go for it!
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