Gripes with Asrock 939dual and 9800 pro combo

I just built this rig and although everything looks fine on surface... it takes too long to load windows(I have the correct boot sequence). But more importantly, when I run 3dmark06 - in the first intensive graphics test - the system halts midway - the screen becomes black for about 15 seconds, all this time the machine being unresponsive and then it just restarts/reboots. What do I need to fix? This is my first build and its kinda frustrating to know that my 3-yr old 1.5ghz athlon xp machine was faster.

(I ran the directx diagnostics etc. Everything looks fine. The drivers etc have been put in the right order and are updated. Only the bios is old ver 1.5. A little scared to mess with that.)

The details of my rig:

A64 San Diego
ASrock 939 Dual-sata2
Antec TP 2.0 550W PSU
ATI Radeon 9800 pro AGP
Audigy 2 ZS
WD 80 Gigs 7200rpm IDE
OCZ performance 1 gig DDR2
Windows xp pro
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  1. What order did you intall the drivers in?? From what I understnad (I am looking into this board and am considering buying it), you HAVE to install the latest version of the boards AGP drivers before you install the card drivers or it will run like crap. There are a lot of threads on this forum, and on the Newegg reviews about the same problem you are having.

    Most people I think had to reload Windows to fix.
  2. Hi.
    I did intall the drivers in the right order, since I had done my HW in advance. I had no trouble getting the machine up and running. I actually played around with the BIOS a little bit, since I last posted here... changed the way my RAM was working... a few parameters here and there - and now the 3dmark runs ok but very slow performance still. I am still looking for specific guidelines to resolve this issue. Also sytem boots take forever.

    If u r considering buying this, I hope u r good with computer at the hardware and software levels. I think ppl who have no problems with this board are the ones who know a lot about BIOS settings etc and OCing. Other wise u spend a lot of time reading and fiddling around till u come to the sweet spot. That is ok with me... since I have another machine I use for work - this one I just play around with... have fun etc.
  3. Yeah, I am pretty good with that stuff.

    I hope you can gt it all figured out so that it works well.
  4. The reason it takes so long to boot may be from other devices being enabled that you are not using. (Usually RAID, extra disk controllers, etc).

    What is on the screen when it boots (you can press pause each time the screen changes to look, then space to resume booting btw).

    Also, are you able to tell it to look to the AGP slot first for video, instead of the PCI and PCIe x16 slots ?

    That may speed up your boot times.

    As for 3D performance, the Radeon 9800 Pro is about half as fast as a typical X800 GTO / X800 XL card these days, so if you are running various 3D apps (looks at 3DMark 05/06) then don't expect worlds of performance.

    If it reboots during 3DMark 05/06, it might be the Power Supply Unit, however if it does not reboot in games do not worry about it.
  5. Which agp driver do you use? Known probs with one or the other.

    uli agp driver (part of the intergrated uli driver) -

    or the asrock agp driver -

    there is also the newer bios (1.6) which has a 'windows' flash aswell as a dos flash

    also try forcing 2T in bios ram settings (auto= 2T, i think, but just in case),
    this can solve some ram issues.

    I have a friend who uses that mobo with 9800pro and the asrock agp driver was the cause of his problems - performance and restart issues with 3d apps.

    If you want to benchmark with that gfx card, try 3dmark03
    and 3dmark05
    06 can be a bit buggy/intensive for some peeps.

    hope this helps :)

    just noticed in your rig list - you say your using DDR2 ?!? Is this a typo?
  6. I tested the reference board your board was based on, with no performance issues, so I'm sure you'll figure out the problem.
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