Boot Problem with EP-9NPAJ sli

keep getting a error as "disk read error occur" and then it halts. please help anyone? thanks
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  1. Is this the first boot-up of a build? Does the disk have an OS on it? Is the disk connected to the motherboard?

    When I did my first boot-up with my 9NPA+ SLI, that's what popped up when it tried to boot the unformatted, no-OS hard drive.
  2. This the first time boot, it had window Xp, formated as a bootdisk, yes the drive is a master, connect to Ide connection. thanks for all help I need it , do I need to reformat my hard drive?
  3. I would reformat and reinstall the OS on the hard drive. It's always a good idea to do this with the boot drive for any fresh build.
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