help Which Crossfire MOBO should i get

ok i need some serious opinions... Im going for an opteron 165 build... with crossfire. Which board would be better. Looking for doing some decent overclocking with air cooling. Choices are:
I dont plan on going crazy water overclocking but definnetly as much air cooling as possible. Which would be better?
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  1. I have the A8R with an Opty 175 and a X1800XT. IMO the A8R is better than the CF-DR, but the one to get is the A8R32-MVP.
    So my vote is get the A8R32-MVP!

    I also have the TT BigWaterSE kit, cost $95 and beats any air coolers. Excellent engineering on the design and implementation of it too.
  2. I would rather choose the asus board since the chipset is passively cooled, also rdx 200 wasn't ATI certified until lately due to some bios problems.

    The other interesting point is the southbridge, the RDX atuelly use the ati 450 southbridge wich is actually outdated, it doesn't support SATAII and the usb2.0 controller is slow compared to actual controllers. On the other hand A8R MVP use the latest uli M1575 southbridge wich support sataII and have a competitive usb 2.0 controller.
    Asus ones seems to be a bit harder to get, this is probably due to the fact that Nvidia recently bought Uli and control the number of unit produced.

    Usually DFI products are intended for overclockers and perform overclocking well, but Asus ones are cheaper since it's designed for the mainstream market (although i've heard that the a8r was an insane overcloker)
  3. The A8R-MVP is the mainstream board around $100.

    The A8R32-MVP is the deluxe $200 AMD overclocking champion with 8phase power and outperforms all boards in overclocking potential.
  4. Hmm i respect your opinion Rich... ive read your posts and what not, and i belive u are a professional...?. Also i dont feel like going through the hassle and maintence and price of water cooling. ( im too lazy, tho if u want to come down and do it for free i wouldnt mind). Also i know the DFI is using the older chipset im not a fool. Anyway i guess im going with the ASUS. I was going to buy it yesterday but then i heard that the DFI board was a better overclocker. But i luv ASUS... thx for the help guys.
  5. I voted A8R32-MVP, i got mine today.. haven't tested it yet since the other components aren't in yet.

    If you still got time to ait, maybe you should wait for DFI RD580, that should be coming out soon (expect 10days/2 weeks after RD580 launch.. soon) that should be a better comparison. The DFI RD580 won't be cooled passive tho..
  6. what the heck? Dude 3200 Xpress chip is out -- dump that shiz!

    Sorry :-D

    Get the ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe that has considerable crossfire improvements.
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