DFL-700 + DS-601 VPN file sharing problem

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I've managed to create a VPN connection between DFL-700 and D-Link client
software (DS-601) but I can't share folders. I have a win 98 PC (
in the DFL-700 network and XP ( in the client network. The VPN
connection is created and the win98 responds to ping and there's a VNC server
running on Win 98 and I can even use the PC remotely with VNC but I can't access
the shared folders on Win98. If I move the Win98 to the same network with XP,
I can access the folders but with VPN I can't. I have disabled firewalls from
both ends but the share doesn't work. I'm using IP-addresses, so, I try to
access the Win98 with \\\share. What could be wrong?

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  1. Archived from groups: comp.dcom.vpn (More info?)

    I have the same problem, talked to D-link and they couldn´t give me an
    awnser, it ended up with me adding a web based fileserver.
    If you found another way, please tell me.
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