Can I hook up an IDE hard drive in a computer w/ a SCSI?

My mother-in-law has a P4 desktop with two U160 drives, but she wants to go with one huge 400GB IDE drive. The SCSI's are hooked up obviously with a PCI controller card, can I just put the IDE drive in and plug it into the motherboard and copy everything right from the SCSI's to the new IDE drive?


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  1. Yes, if you download the proper software for the new drive, and it supports the scsi interface you can do it. Otherwise get ghost and make a boot floppy with the proper scsi driver and go that route. Or install a fresh copy of windows on the ide drive, then just dump your data.
  2. The boards onboard ide/SATA controller needs to be enabled in BIOS, and set it then to boot off IDE/SATA or SCSI card, and connect drive, boot, drivers should load automatically with windows.
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