Upgrade recomendations for a friend's setup

I have a friend of mine who's birthday is comming up and I KNOW he needs an upgrade pretty badly.

I need to know which of the two components I should buy for him as a present. He only has 512MB of RAM (I don't know if this is dual 256 or not), and he only has a GeForce FX 5200 or something close to that. He does play BF2 (don't ask me how, but he does 8O ), and some doom, but that's it as far as First person shooters goes, he also plays RPG's quite a bit.

The question is, should I get him more RAM, or a slightly better AGP Video card? If a video card, I preffer not to spend more than $200 or $250 tops. Buying RAM would be cheaper, but wouldn't help his gaming as much as a new video card would.

Please give me your opinions. Thanks!
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  1. video card would help more than the ram
    xfx 6800gs agp or pci-e is a kick ass low cost card

    this for pci-e graphics bus


    this for AGP ( which is more than likely what he is useing)


    good luck
  2. The 6800 vanilla AGP is unlockable to 16 pipe and 5 shader, but i dono if it will beat the GS.....
  3. I Recommand Get Another 512Mb Ram , And A GeForce 6600 Series ( Standard or GT )
    Dont Let Him Have 512Mb Cause It Will Kill The Performance of the High End Card Like 6800GS :!: (Specialy in Battle Field 2 and DOOM 3) :wink:
  4. I would maybe get him a 6800GS or slightly lesser, considering the card he has now was a lowend-designed card. Then I would tell him to go buy a gig of RAM.
  5. "The question is, should I get him more RAM, or a slightly better AGP Video card? "

    Both! :-)

    Look for a 6600GT, and add another GB of ram...(BF2 really seems to prefer 2 GB, to be honest, but 512mb is not enough)

    World of difference over any 3d gaming attempts with a 5200 series!
  6. Well, I really like the idea of getting him both. But is that really a better idea? Will he see that much of a difference with only a 6600 with more RAM instead of a 6800 with no RAM boost?
  7. for gaming the video card will probably make a bigger difference. for everything else, the ram will probably be better. However, the video card is probably 100+ BUT the memory is only 20-40.... :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. Okay, I think I've decided what I'm going to do.

    I currently plan on getting him a 6600GT, and since I don't know his exact memory configuration and don't want to tell him what I'm getting, I'll get him a gift certificate for whatever I had left that I was planning on spending, for him to get what memory he needs/wants.

    Thanks everyone! :)
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