Can I add an IDE drive to a computer with SCSI already?

My mother-in-law's computer has two U160 SCSI drives in it, she wants one huge 400GB IDE drive instead of the two small SCSI drives. Can I install the IDE drive in there with the SCSI drives to copy the information and OS from the SCSI's???

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  1. Didn't I answer this? :roll:
  2. what kind of mother in law has that sort of setup!!!?!?!?!?!

    if your board has ide plug the new hdd into it, if not buy a ide card (or ide raid card same thing) and use that
  3. You can add the IDE drive and use cloning software to copy the OS drive, then remove the OS drive and copy the second drive from Windows while booting from the IDE drive. You should be able to change boot order in BIOS

    BTW, cloning programs often don't set the drive properly as bootable, you may need to do a "repair" installation of Windows in order to make the new drive functional for the OS.
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