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I have a Sony VAIO VGN-T350P with Windows XP SP2 and have been using it for about 7 months. I really have no issues with the laptop and it has been working like a champ until two days ago. For some odd reason, the system sounds no longer function and not audio is coming from the onboard speakers or the headphone plug. Under sound settings, the system tells me I have no device present. I tried to reinstall the ADI SoundMax audio drivers from Sony's website without luck. I also tried to reinstall SP2 but that didn't work either. I have no conflicts under device manager and the "device usage" under the Audio Codecs property is gray out. Does anyone have quick fixes?


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  1. Electronics do die on occcasion, and I have plenty of experience with that. Sometimes, you might have to just buy a replacement (in this case, a notebook soundcard which might push you back around $60).
  2. Do you know if the soundcard inside the Sony VGN-T350P is replaceable? I could not find any repalcement parts online for it or any documents on how to replace it.

    Thank you.
  3. The sound will probably be integrated into the motherboard so you will not be able to replace just the sound.

    Try these troubleshooting tips first:

    How to troubleshoot sound problems.


    The following are possible diagnostic steps to isolate and resolve this issue:

    Check to see if the built-in speakers are turned off - Press Fn+F3 to turn on the speakers.
    The speaker volume may be turned to the minimum - Press Fn+F4, and then press the arrow keys to increase the volume.If the computer is powered by batteries, check that the battery packs are inserted properly and that they are charged.
    If you are using an application that has its own volume control, check that the volume is turned up.
    Check the volume controls: (Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, point to Entertainment and then click Volume Control).
    If external speakers are connected, check that the speakers are properly connected and the volume is turned up. If the speakers have a mute button, make sure it is off. If the speakers are powered by batteries, check that the batteries are inserted properly and that they are charged.
    If you have connected headphones or an audio cable to the headphone connector, disconnect the cable.
    If the CD-ROM drive is in the drive bay of the docking station, you will not hear sound from the built-in speakers of your computer from a CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
    Enable the infrared port (if applicable).

    You can buy PCMCIA soundcards for laptops if the sound is really buggered on your VAIO.

    Example of PCMCIA sound card for laptop

    Good Luck !
  4. Thanks, but will the PCMCIA card work even if the motherboard sound is toast?
  5. Yup

  6. You have looked most everywhere else, check and make sure that your sound is enabled in BIO's (since system tells you that there is none).
  7. i have a problem with the system sound , i muted the sound then shut down my laptop but when i started i didn't any sound from that even after i have unmuted help please
  8. i have tried all in vain but no sound
  9. 7 months should be well within the warranty period. Contact the manufacturer.
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