Windows in your pocket - can't boot from USB pen drive?

HAs anyone got the Windows in your Pocket instructions ( to work? I have been trying to follow your Windows in Your Pocket instructions but can't get my flash drive to boot into BartPE. When I format it with the HP utility (page 2 of the article), I have to use a WIndows 98 or Me bot disk to provide the system files, I thin copy boot.ini, NTLDR and NTDETECT from my hard disk and then when I install the BartPE files and try to boot from it, I only namage to boot to a DOS command prompt.

On page 10 you suggest deleting all the files from the USB drive before running peinst.cmd. If I delete all the files (which are all system files at this point) the USB drive won't boot and if I don't delete them it will only boot to a command prompt.

I can only assume that I am missing a step that tells Win98/Me to boot to BartPE but I can't see how to do this. ANy help would be appreciated.

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  1. Sorry to hijack your question, but I have the same problem. What bootdisk is used in A: to get this working. It will not accept anything but MS-DOS and then I can't get XP started.
  2. Try looking at the flash drive in Disk Management to see if its partition is set Active. Won't boot if it isn't.

    Try formatting the drive with Windows as FAT, then copy the boot.ini, NTLDR and NTDETECT to it. Formatting it from Win98/ME might be using FAT32, and your DOS prompt is coming from the, etc. produced from that.
  3. Does your motherboard support booting from USB? Check the boot order in your BIOS
  4. It boots on the USB. It just displays C: prompt(the USB disk). cannot start any XP. The floppy used was made using XP's format and USB stick was formatted as FAT with HP tool using ploppy to generate boot partition.

    At the C: prompt I can use the USB stick. The computers internal disk isn't visible from the c prompt.

    I have used Bart PE builder, but I can't find any windows folder. The article doesn't indicate any need for additional files.

    Edit: But a folder (minint) containing i386, inf, system32 and WinSxS is on the disk
  5. I got it working with BartPE using pe2usb instead of peinst. Actually loading a ramdisk from the USB stick.
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