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Hey. As said in the subject heading, this is a weird problem. I'm trying to set up a network between two computers. This network has been previously established but my brother has recently built a new computer and installed xp and the card we have (Linksys HPN100 Phoneline Router) is not compliant with windows xp. I have win98se on my computer so i decided to set up the card on my computer. Well, now i can't see anything in network neighborhood; i mean nothing at all. I tried refreshing it and nothing is happening. When i right click, that little window menu comes up and the hour glass symbol on the mouse pointer does not go away. My internet works, but his doesn't. My nic card is a 3com 3c905c-tx and his is the onboard ethernet adapter for the asus p4c800. Thanks

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  1. Try using the network setup wizard on the winxp machine to create a setup-disk for your win98se machine.
  2. Actually, i did use that at the time and it did not work. I have recently fixed the situation but i'm not too sure how. I think it was that the other computer had to be on AND connected to the internet first before i could boot up. Thanks again though.

    Save the trees.. wipe your ass with an owl.
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