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So i replaced my broken 9550 with a 6600 (vanilla). But now i'm experiencing weird slowdowns.

From longer bootups to draging game startups.

Could the old ati driver be causing those problems. I already uninstalled it after installing the card ( i forgot :oops: ) checked with regedit for leftover reg keys...

Anybody else experiencing problems when switching GPU's

Any quick and easy solutions?

Its irritating me and i'm now seriously concidering a total harddrive mind wipe :evil: with a fresh windows install
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  1. How much RAM do you have?

    How old is your windows install?
  2. 2 x 512

    winxp pro oh... clean install Jan with sp2

    Its not the card, works well with my brothers old (very old pc :D )
    probably bec system uses an old nvidia card. (GForce 2)
  3. Ati has a driver cleanup utility. You can download it from their site when you go to their driver download section. Try running the ATI cleanup utility and see if you still have problems afterwards. (I'd post a link but their server seems to down at the moment.)
  4. I flipped back and forth a lot trying out different combinations to find the best card for my PVR.

    I found that if I did not uninstall the ATI drivers correctly, I could have some drivers left on board that screwed up everything, but clearing the registry keys fixed it, which you alread have.

    I had problems with the special DVD drivers being left behind (and you can't run the uninstall without the card in place!)

    I think, if I were you, I'd uninstall all ATI AND NVIDIA drivers and then reinstall the NV drivers.
  5. Try this:

    Go to the "Notes" section and download the unintstaller
  6. Thanks for the help!!

    I'll have to remind myself to remove all drivers for a part to be replaced BEFORE replacing it. :lol:

    Anyway I went with the clean install with a new HDD. It seems someone :evil: was indiscriminately surfing because they couldn't play their MMOG's when the 9550 went kaput.

    Too much Junk. Too tired to clean. :(
    I'll keep the file in storage if I ever switch back.
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