Where is my dvd writer since loaded win 7

loaded win 7 6 months ago all was well. Desided to backup and cleanup my hard drive. pc oem wss vista. So I had to do a scratch load. after some updtes loaded before i could stop them. Now I do not have dvd drive. removed dvd drive replaced with another on just like the one i removed ..same win not reconizing I even have a dvd drive
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  1. That is odd, first reboot and go into the bios and make sure the bios finds and lists your DVD-Drive by model under drives and make sure it is enabled, if your bios has that option. This just eliminates a hardware problem.

    If your drive is found in the bios then the OS may have an issue like a drive letter conflict. Then go to the Control Panel and under Administrator Tools - Computer Management - click on Disk Management. There you will get a list of all the drives your OS sees. Check to make sure one of your drives is not using your DVD drive letter or that the Drive just does not have a letter assigned. It is rare but happens.

    My guess is that you have a cabling issue or the drive channel is not working. I would switch the DVD to a good working IDE or SATA channel and try a different power supply cable to rule that out first.
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