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does anyone know of any articles on how to install a sata drive?

I have an adaptor and a sata drive installed and the system recognizes it is there but i see nowhere in the readme or help files on how to install the drivers.

any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Does windows recognize it as a drive, and assign it a letter?

    If so, you don't need to install any drivers.

    If not, you'll probably just have to stick in the CD/disk that came with your controller and install it.
  2. are you running windows XP sp2? if you are then it should have built in support for SATA. if you dont then you should upgrade i guess or check the manufacturer website for drivers.
    if you right click my computer->manage
    under disk management, do you see the SATA drive? if you do, you might just need to format it. make sure you format the right drive.
  3. You're running an SATA PCI card? If windows has configured the card but can't see the drive, all you need to do is make a partition on the drive in Disk Management.
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