What a processor for s478 (hint for upgrade)

I have an Asus P4P800SE and 1.8@2.4NW yet. What a processor should I put to receive a maximal performance (does not have to be the Extreme edition, I mean a reasonable option/solution) - and also eventually overclocking possibilities - capabilities
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  1. Well, you currently have a S478 Willy if I am not mistaken. Your board determines how fast of a CPU you can stick in there.

    If it's a 400FSB-only board, you can put up to a 2.8 Northwood A in there.

    If it's a 400/533FSB board, you can put up to a 3.06 Northwood B in there.

    If it's a 400/533/800FSB board, you can out up to a 3.4 Northwood C in there.
  2. That board will support Northwood or Prescott.

    What to recommend, not sure.

    2.8 or 3 ghz should be okay with 3rd party HSF.

    That's without going for the fastest, and should OC with some decent overhead.

    Prescott 3.0 - OEM - No HSF - 184.00

    ZALMAN CNPS9500 - 61.99
  3. er, d00d, get a clue, his boar is a P4P800SE, of course it supports 800 bus.
  4. Well, he was running a chip that was obviously a 400FSB in it. Yes, the model might indicate an 800FSB capability, but then he would likely have run an 800FSB chip in there instead of the 400 one unless the 1.8 was a leftover from something else. (Or if a newer chip in there originally got fried- but then why would he ask as he probably knew what was in there in the first place.) That's why I was unsure of the capabilities of the board. Heck, he could have meant to type P4P400SE for all we know.
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