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Alright guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a good SLI motherboard, about $130 max. I would prefer if it was off newegg cause that is where I am getting everything else. I was looking at a few, but I wasn't sure which ones were really good. So, I decided to ask u guys for any suggestions. Thx a lot guys!!! :D

My configuration so far:
AMD 3700+ socket 939 Processor
Sapphire Radeon x850 xt Video Card
1 GB Ram
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  1. Quote:
    EPoX 9NPA+ SLi
    One of the very few hardcore SLi boards that can make it under $130.
    Also consider X1800XL, X850XT PCIe is getting outdated and harder to find for a decent price.

    Or grab this X850XT for $160 if it hasn't ran out yet.
    Thx for the suggestion, but I just wanted to know 1 thing. Is there any difference between that graphics card you posted, and this graphics card:
    They both r the same model and everything, but one is selling for about $10 more. Can any of you see a difference (besides that one is out of stock)?
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