Asus a8n premium please read~!

ok.. here it goes
im using my pc as normal... suddenly my wireless mouse starts laggin and so my keyboard... then I get a blue screen.
So I reboot and the mobo says that there is no keyboard, and the wireless mouse/keyboard station doesnt have its lights on as usual...!It seems to be a usb power problem. So just to be sure I clear my cmos and power up the pc.. now the mobo detects the keyboard, so is not a usb power issue... I select to start windows normally.. and when loading windows, I get the blue screen again!
So I thought that maybe because of the date being changed windows wouldnt load so I go to the bios and change the date to the correct one.. then I restart and the keyboard is detected everything fine and when in desktop the keyboard goes off and so the mouse...! so I repeated all the clear cmos process but I performed a system restore... and know everything seems to be working ok...! do u guys have any idea on this? my specs below... and the mouse and keyboard are logitech wireless.

I tried two different mice and keyboards so is not a keyboard or mouse problem
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  1. Have you uninstalled and reloaded the drivers yet? Did you happen to copy the BSOD error?...Google is your friend with those types of errors...
  2. I had basically the same problem. With my USB keyboard plugged in I got the blue screen of death. Used a normal P/S2 keyboard and I could at least change the bios settings, but windows would not boot.

    This was early in my install, and I had to reinstall windows to get my system working again. The next install, I decdied not to install the Nvidia Firewall feature, and I had no problems.
  3. what is a BSOD error?
    and im not using the nvidia firewall, In fact I've never installed it... Everything is working just fine now, as for the windows problem I guess that changing the time and date solved the booting issue.
  4. Check to see if your batteries are good.

    If you haven't yet, try a std kb and mouse.
  5. umm my chipset is always within the 29-35C range... my temps are ok. Im using the logitech drivers that came with the mouse and keyboard
    Everything is workin fine now, so the problem is gone!
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