Plz Rate my new Budget Rig only had $1500 /cry

Well i just got done ordering everything and it's now on the way here, and i can't wait to get it all set up

Opteron 144 @ 1.8 ghz with cab2e stepping (will be overclocked to 2.6ghz) $160

EVGA 6800 Ultra $160 after shipping (ebay)

Custom airbrushed case $185 after shipping (ebay)

Viewsonic 19in widescreen LCD with 8 ms response $252 (ebay)

500 W Ultra X-connect modular Power Supply $50 (ebay)

250 gig WD 16 meg cache Sata HD $100 off Newegg

DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D 939 mb $100 (ebay)

16x dvd drive $20 off newegg

16x dual layer burner $45 newegg

Soundblaster X-fi Platinum $200 at circuit city

1 gig Corsair memory $75

Thermaltake Bigwater SE Liquid Cooling system $110

Total = $1457 after shipping =)
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  1. you budget system seems to be all over the place. why are you spending 200 on a sound card? and 160 for a graphics card? airbrushed case and watercooling for something that's "budget" ????

    i think you should re-evaluate what you're trying to do and then pick the parts. and with 1500 you can buy a lot of things, it's more mid-range then budget. a sound card is actually quite low on a budget system in my opinion unless you do audio editing or do nothing but listen to music or watch movies. 200 for a sound card isnt really budget, or custom paint job or watercooling..............
  2. the reason i'm getting the sound card is because i have a gift card at circuit city that will cover it...and i guess i consider it budget because my best friend just dropped $4000 on his new system.....
  3. Maybe, but you can spend that $200 more wisely. Doesn't the Platinum version of that sound card come with that panel that fits in the 5.25" bay? Ditch that panel and you save $100 to spend on something else.

    What DVD drive and dual layer drive are you getting? (Link?)
  4. Quote:
    Maybe, but you can spend that $200 more wisely. Doesn't the Platinum version of that sound card come with that panel that fits in the 5.25" bay? Ditch that panel and you save $100 to spend on something else.

    I agree waste of money i would rather get an extra gig of ram then that
  5. What are you planning to do with this machine? are you playing games or are you making a sound/video machine? For a multimedia machine, you didn't do half bad. 160$ for a 6800 ultra ain't a bad price at all, but the next step you would want to take is to upgrade that video card in the long run of course. It sounds like your planning to use this case for a long time with the amount you spent on it, the personalization being the key here. Now the sound card aspect, it depends on your situation too. I imagine you had already bought everything else before you bought the sound card and that you love music? Its all a learning process and i'm glad your into building your own machine. Atleast you read up and bought an AMD Opteron w/ watercooling for overclocking. :) For what you had, and what you did with it, it's good man. You did better than buying a pre-built machine, that's for sure.
  6. I'll throw in my agreement. Even if the $200 is determined to burn a hole in your pocket, there are better ways to spend it than on a sound card. More RAM has been mentioned. Assuming you have high speed internet, what about a hardware firewall/router? You can get a decent printer for that money too.
    There's also software. Since hoisting the jolly roger is really not a great idea, there have got to be some titles you want, or will next month.
    Sticking to sound, how are your speakers?
    Is your system worth backing up? An external drive (or another internal for RAID-1) would also be higher on my list than a sound card.
    Cables, microphone, headset, decent mouse (love my new G5!), UPS... the list goes on of stuff you'll need or want sooner or later.
    Think about it, then do what makes sense to you.
  7. YOur paying $200 for sound card??

    But only getting a 6800 Ultra for video?

    Live with onboard sound for a few months, and up the video card to about a 7800 GT minimum!
  8. All I can say is I wish I had a $1500 budget. I dropped $1300 (300 over my planed budget) and thought I was a fricking idiot for spending that much, but one thing I have to know, what did your friend get for his 4k mostly I'd like to know mobo, cpu, ram, vid card, and any extremely exotic stuff he might have got like a vapochill cooling system. (4k had to go somewhere right?)
  9. Bloodstorm69, seeing that you already ordered it, it's too late to save you from making the videocard, memory, case, soundcard and cooling system mistakes I see, I can't be of much help. As others have pointed out above there were better ways to spread around your $1,500 to get the most bang for your buck.
  10. I'd only spend 200$ on a soundcard if everything else was already the best it could be.
  11. I'd drop the silly custom paint case and save $100. (I'm not saying it doesn't look awesome... it does... but computers cases should be tucked away under a desk... art should hang on walls).

    Tone down the sound card and save $100.

    Loose the water cooling and save $110.

    $75 for a gig of Corsair? I guess that's the ValueSelect? I though you said you were gonna overclock????

    Take the $310 and get any or all of... Raptor boot drive (keep your data away from your OS, fer cryin out loud), 2GB of real Corsair memory, a real Opteron (165 or 170), and/or an upgraded CPU cooler.

    Finally, why are you asking this AFTER you ordered all the parts?
  12. agree, or even take that $ and add it to the 160 spent on the 6800 and get a better vid card (like the 7800gt mentioned above)

    More ram is for sure priority too.

    Still cool rig, just weird in places... 8O
  13. I actually had the Ram Laying around, and when i part out the rest of my old computer the Ram will go with it and i will pick up 2 gigs of Cas2 ram, the video card is only going to be used for 2 months tops, waiting for a 7900 video card and the 9700 pro i'm using now is killing me. As for my $200 sound card i got it at circuit city because i had a gift card there and i don't need anything else from there, i'm also going to be heading to college in the fall and i'm buying a Sanyo Z3 projector for my dorm room, and i'm going to have the audio going from my computer to a Onkyo 7.1 reciever and i will take DVI to the projector, so it will double as my PC/multimedia center. As for my friends computer

    Thermaltake Armor case $150
    600 wat SLI power $200
    Liquid cooling $185
    AMD X2 4800 $600ish
    2 gigs cas 2 ram $300
    27" widescreen monitor $800
    16x dvd burner 8meg cache $150
    2x 500 gig HD's $1000
    7800 GTX $500
    16x dvd $25
    silverstone temp monitor $40
  14. then what you have is cool... really cool and go with it. :)
  15. ohhhh i'm getting a $275 giftcard from work in 2 weeks, 7900 gt here i come! =)
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