Dual Channel Ram problem..

Ok here is my problem..my motherboard is an Asus A8AE-LE.

The motherboard is Dual Channel ready..but, the channels are set up weird. The system came bundled with two 512 DDR-3200 sticks. They were insterted in slots 1-2.

From what I have read, Dual channel Ram need to be set up in slots 1-3 or 2-4? What the problem is the slots are color coded Blue-Blue-Black-Black...

Is this set up for Dual Channel? Is there a way or program to tell that they are "the bios says nothing"

Here is a picture of my mobo


Also if or when they are set-up for Dual Channel, i just recently bought a single stick of 1 Gig DDR-3200. Would inserting this into the dual channel setup cancel out the two 512 set-up..or would the 512's run in Dual while the gig in single?

lol sorry for all the questions, but one more thing. How is 2 gb of single channel compared to say 1 gig of dual channel in terms of performance, Thanks!
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  1. Well I have CPU-Z..where in it does it tell whether or not the RAM is in Dual channel mode?

    Can a pair of Ram be in Dual channel while a single stick is in single channel?
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