PowerColor X800 GTO 16 Black Screening

I'm having a problem with my PowerColor X800 GTO 16, when gaming. If
I'm playing for over 2 hours or so, then every time the card has a
load, the screen becomes black for a second or two. This happens more
often if I'm using higher settings/resolution in the game (fullscreen).
After asking this question to someone else, I used ATITool to monitor
the temperatures, and it kept black-screening on loading when it got a
bit too high (+60degreesC). Does anyone know how to fix this, as
black-screening is really annoying.


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  1. I'm having the same problem with my X1600 pro.

    I found this which sounds like it might be right.

    Screen goes black
  2. It's all sorted now, it was the monitor drivers conflicting with the graphic's card drivers. Uninstalled the monitor's, they were getting in the way.
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