BFG 6800GT OC gives blurry display need help troubleshooting

i just got a new BFG 6800GT OC 256MB retail with the big copper shield and the 2 small fans. my system is an Athlon64 2.3Ghz 754 (9*256 3xHTT), DFI Lanparty NF3-250Gb using the May 2005 bios, 128MB AGP aperture, nVidia 81.94 drivers, 450Watt TTGI PSU, Viewsonic 19" PF790 CRT, 2*512MB Crucial Ballistix RAM(11 divider @ 210Mhz), a WD 7200rpm 8MB 80GB HD and an Audigy 2ZS, running winXP pro SP1 with all the updates.

i've been using a Leadtek 6600GT since the end of 2004 with perfect results in this system. I recently uninstalled the 6600GT and upgraded to a BFG 6800GT and installed the very same 81.94 drivers i've been using for several months now. but as i increase the resolution from the default 800*600 or the refresh rate from 60Hz my display becomes slightly blury, all the characters and lines/edges have a faint shadow. it gets progressively worse with more resolution or more refresh rate at the same resolution, wheather its on the desktop running a 2D app or a 3D video game. using the DVI out with the converter only slightly reduces the problem, but it's still awful. i unistalled it and threw my 6600GT back in, and the problem went away. i installed the 6800GT in an AthlonXP 2.2Ghz system runing winXP pro SP1 with all the updates on an epox board, Sony 17" Trinitron CRT and a generic 300Watt PSU and it RUNS FLAWLESSLY! i unistalled it, and replaced it with the 6600GT and that AthlonXP system continues to run just fine, i then reinstalled the 6800GT back into my Athlon64 system and i have the same problem again! what could be happening? could it be my mobo is incompatible with this particular video card? maybe my PSU is lame? i've tried different molex power connections, i've tried diferent monitors (CRT and LCD), i've tried a wide range of drivers including the latest 81.98s, i've tried everything i could think of, with NO results with this 6800GT in my machine. this should just be a straight forward upgrade without having to change any settings on my system! any suggestions? maybe a bios setting i'm overlooking? i'm stumped. i'm thinking of changing out my mobo to a new MSI Neo-Platinum/FSR.
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  1. believe it or not it could be your power supply........I still have my agp bfg 6800gt and it sucks more power than my 7800gt does........I had a 420watt psu and it wasn't enough.......I had to get a good 500watt psu to power it........also........make sure the line that you hooked up to it is only powering the videocard......otherwise.......%$##$%^
  2. Use Driver Cleaner When U Uninstall 6600GT , and If Does not Work Install a Fresh WinXP Service Pack 2 Professional and Install The 6800GT With The Driver In The Graphic Card CD , I Hope That Solve Your Problem :twisted:
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