[Solved] Trouble installing windows 7 on brand new pc

i thought id build my first new system, a amd ga-870a motherboard and a 6 core cpu. i first tried to install reg xp on it. it formatted and installed all the way to the point of needing to restart. then on restart it says loading operating system and freezes. so then i thought xp might not support the 6 core cpu. so i went and bought the install windows 7(not upgrade).
and its doing the same thing. i boot from disk and everything loads up, but at last stage where it has to restart it does the same thing. just a black screen saying loading operating system with a blinking curser under it, and it freezes there.
i tried looking at my boot order norm(hard drive, rom drive, floppy). the way it was set on my attempts. so then i changed it to (rom drive, hard drive, floppy). that just got it to on restart go back to the beginning of install.
the only thing in the system that aint new is the hard drive from my last comp(80g seagate batacuta) its about 10 years old, so its ide. and was working fine on old comp before i put it in this rig. if anyone has any ideal what i could be over looking plz help. Oh and bios is the new d1.
thank you
hillbilly jerry
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  1. Personally i would buy a new hdd for a clean,trouble free install.
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