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How do I reindtall the text sizer that has the % numbers on it? It used to live just above the task bar but now it's goneski.
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  1. Look in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display.
  2. mosox said:
    Look in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display.

    Thanks for the reply Mosox. But that doesn't have access to a way of getting the re-size tool loaded onto the task bar. Or creating another task bar above the task bar with the resize tool.

  3. You can try a system restore to a point before this happened. You will have your PC configured as it was on that date (lose any programs installed later).
  4. Thanks for that Mosox. I tried that and it didn't happen.
  5. I'm using XP but right click the task bar then click properties, customize and see if what you want is in there.
  6. Thanks for that Mosox. However, I'm using Windows 7 unfortunately. I wish I had XP.
    I tried what you suggested and can't see the icon. It's in here somewhere but I've got no idea how to find it. I'm one of these poor old guys who's heart is in books and the garden not in this IT stuff.

    However, if anyone you know might have the info I'd be grateful for a heads up.

    Best regards.....Robin
  7. Dear Masox. Revelation! Don't ask me how I found it. I still can't figure it out either!
    The 'Status Bar' as I found out it is called is stashed in View - Toolbars - enable Status Bar.

  8. Are you talking about Internet Explorer? (I'm not aware of a general % size display in Windows 7.) Just make sure that the "Status bar" toolbar is switched on ("View/Toolbars", or <ALT>-V, T).

    Edit: I see you found it as I was posting. It does help if you say what program you are taking about!
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