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I have a question about the 955 ee and the 940. If they are considered performance vs. cost, which is the better buy. I am not considering overclocking as a deciding factor. It doesnt look like that much of a performance difference but I would appreciate some input. I know I know amd... but if you could consider my question. thanks.
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  1. Actually I believe the 940 is the better buy. If I'm not mistaken, it was either the 940 or the 950 that actually beat the EE in one or benchmarks at stock speeds. I could be wrong about that.

    The EE is a good chip if your going to OC it. Otherwise, the 940 is the better buy for the money IMO. IMO, the 950 is even better because it uses less power now.
  2. Well the 820 is real cheap right now.. Should I stay away from this processor and stick with the 9xx series.. Im leaning towards the 940
  3. The 8xx series is going to run quite a bit hotter from what I know, and isnt as fast from what I've read.

    I received an Intel Retail Edge bundle, It came with the 820D and an Intel D945PSN motherboard. It is plenty fast for what I use it for paired with 2GB DDR667 and a Radeon X1800 XT. If you're looking for more of a "budget" system, and want to stay with an Intel Dual Core set-up you won't be disappointed as the 820 is hardly a slug.

    Cooling is another issue. With 6 80MM case fans, and video card cooler, my CPU sits @ about 48C-52C idle. Using the TV tuner on my AIW or playing games seeing 62C is not uncommon. Before I added more case fans I hit 70C occasionally. This is due to my small ATX case, the fact the mounting mechanism for the stock HSF sucks, a hot AIW video card and the fact that my dorm room is almost always 75F plus (Case temps vary from 92-110F depending on what I am doing).

    Don't know if that helped, but thats my expirience with an 820.. feels quick, always worrying about the temps. I would only recommend a current Intel dual core set up if you find a real good price like I did.
  4. Me personally, I would stick with the 9 series. They are 65nm, run cooler and should perform more than enough for you. Might as get the latest and greatest from Intel. The 930 I've heard is a great performer too and it overclocks very well if ever decide to overclock.
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