Estimated price for the 7900 series?

Does anybody know? Also, what are going to be the models? like 7900, 7900 GT and 7900GTX?
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  1. And your model list seems about right.

    plain, GT, GTX. Which are available at launch is unknown, but it's suspected GT first others afterwards.
  2. Quote:
    Still no real specs out?

    Well probably there are, but who do you trust is the question?

    Of course nothing official 'til launch, but expect to see them on sale all over the place, like the InQ showed;
  3. So, which card will be the 'best bang for the buck', for around 300 bucks, after the 7900 release? The X1800 series? X1800XT, maybe?
  4. that's my question also, but i think one of my other question is which has better cooling and is smaller. i have a small pc case so the size of the card might ultimately decide which one i would get.
    though i have my money on the 7900gt... but i would like the x1800xt (i tend to like ati better then nvidia, they seem to have a better long term strategy)... guess i'll wait for benchmarks before i take the plunge :wink:
  5. ASIAN partners are disappointed with the upcoming Geforce 7900 GTX cards. Most of the companies already have the samples and tested them but they are not happy with the performance. First tests indicate that in the best case scenario, Geforce 7900 GTX cards are eight to ten per cent faster than the last and rarely available Geforce 7800 GTX 512 card.
    This means that 7900 GTX might get close to ATI's X1900 XTX card but it will lose in many of the benchmarks. We suspect that at 4X FSAA and eight or sixteen times Anisotropic filtering ATI X1900 XTX can still keep its crown, but we still have to see this. Asian partners placed limited quantities order for G71, 7900 GTX chips and they ordered less chips then they usually do, according to sources.

    When Nvidia launched its flagship 7800 GTX 512 a true performance leader, the partners ordered thousands of chips and got a handful of them, while now even you can get thousands of chips, no one wants to risk buying a few thousands of them. However, we still think that Geforce 7900 GTX if priced aggressively have a chance to be a good seller as people like the Clan of McNvidia.

    Sample 7900 GTX at 650MHz core should be distributed now as the launch day the 9th of March is getting closer. We know that Nvidia won't have any shortages of those chips as, for goodness sake, this chip will find its place in Sony Playstation 3 but at modest clocks. Sony literally wants millions of chips.

    It's Nvidia's partners that are whining about these chips - not me.
  6. CHECK THIS OUT!!!!]

    I think its probably true .And it looks true too
  7. One of Polish comp shops put it today on their website. Changing my currency to US dollars it would be about 900 USD for 7900 GTX

    Now...I see a crowd wanting to buy that :P
  8. Looks to me like the 7900GT is going to be one hell of a deal. You know people are going to OC the hell out of it.
  9. Quote:
    AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz
    384mb PC100 RAM
    Radeon 9550 256mb AGP

    Lol I once had an AMD Thunderbird too!
  10. Wouldn't it be nice if the price of a 7900GTX is lower than the X1900XTX. In that way Nvidia can stump the Ati's with both performance and value and most importantly I can afford to buy one. :D
  11. Quote:
    Yes, so? I'll be getting a monster rig soon. Probably in September.

    I wasn't bitchin at your CPU lol, just remembering that it was my first AMD processor :D
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