Can you mount a hard drive at any angle without afecting per

I have never realy questioned the idia of mounting a hard drive in a verticle posion because all case mountings are horozontal
So i have either mounted my hard drive up side down up under the power suppy or in its hard drive case mountings
So does it efect the operation if it is not fat or horizontal :idea:
I am building a new computer and my ideas for placement of some of my components started to get a bit weird and then the question hit me and i never realy thought about before so im asking the question
Gazza :lol:
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  1. Generally they work fine either vertical or horizontal (including upside down), but I can't vouch for any other random angle!
  2. thanks for that
    I have built heeps of computers this is my first time at a major oc
    i was checking out the 150Gb Raptor X with 16mb cache even though its roughly $60 more for the window for viewing operations
    i couldn't lock it up inside so i was thinking of somehow putting in on display to give some life to my computer
    THE MONTERS ALIVE 8O :D :) :( :cry: :evil: :twisted: he he heeaaaarr
    either on the side peeping through my window
    or in front between my DVD burner and my LCD Thurmometer behind the spare three cover plates with just the window showing through a cut out
    I started getting piece by piece last Christmas an i know that by the time i finnish she or he :lol: will be outdated but WOW she is my beasty bad boy

    My rig for some serius oc
    lian Li 1200plus with Antec neo he550
    Radeo x1900 crossfire + x1900xtx
    OCZ DDR pc-3200 platinum R2 (2x512)
    W D Raptor X ( + other dardrives from pre-comp )
    Air cooling with Thermalright SL-120 and the standed 3x12cm case fans
    AM STILL LOOKING AT OTHER ITEMS lights efects & acceceries

  3. They are generally fine at any orthogonal (90 degree) angle. I wouldn't recommend them at any other angle without at least mounting them firmly.
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