Asus AV8..Random Crash....NEED HELP!!

Well here is the deal, i upgraded my computer right after christmas and after i put every thing in i would be playing CoD2 and it would randomly restart..and can't find the source..this is my system now..

AMD 3700+
Asus AV8 Motherboard
ATI 9800 Pro (128 Mb)
Corsair 1Gb (2X 512 Kit)
Apacer 512Mb
Ultra 600W power supply
80GB Western Digital
120Gb SATA Western Digital (Not working...different story)

I just recently bought the 600W power supply because i had a 380W and thought that would be the reason the computer restarts 45 Sec in game or 45 mins..the new power supply made no real still restarts...Well if any one can give me some advice i would greatly appreciate it...Thanks
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  1. I don't really know although I do have the same motherboard as you....

    try updating the BIOS or something
  2. Download



    to burn it

    boot up and let it run overnight ( 8 - 12 hours )

    Check to see if you get any memory errors. If you do you memory is probably faulty.

    By the way it is best to only use 2 matched memory sticks for best performance.

    It could also be your motherboard, you will have to eliminate one thing at a time.
  3. To me it sounds like it could be a overheating issue. Download a program called speedfan of something like it to get and idea of the the system is running at while you have a game in.
  4. I have about the same setup and same problem. While anything with overheating, power supplies and memory can cause these problems, I went through all of them and have found the ATI pro 9800 is not compatible with the Via chip.

    A work around until you replace the video card is to go into bios and increase voltage to 1.6 to AGP. The next step is to run the card at 4X AGP. Hurts performance, but will stop the random reboots.

    I will throw away the Motherboard in time and buy new with PCI X card. Not much more that a good AGP card that may or may not work with this MB

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