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Hello, My computer was working fine for a year and a half and just had this message,"reboot and select proper boot device". I unplugged every device one at a time (including all external peripheral devices) and tried to reboot unsuccessfully. I checked to make sure everything was properly attached multiple times. Sometimes I'm able to boot with the windows 7 disk....most times not so lucky. I checked my bios boot order and everything seems to be correct after reading posts online. I wonder if the CMOS battery can cause this or if their is some type of diagnosis tool or hardware malfunction causing this. I ran seagate tools to check hard drives..They are all working fine. I'm am at my wits end.. Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Can you see your HDD in the BIOS? If yes, go in the BIOS and disable every boot option except for the HDD. If no, check again the HDD cables, try some other SATA port (it is SATA?).

    Thanks , I found out that my Master boot record was missing or corrupt. The recovery console in windows did not repair this issue. Re installing a new copy of windows did not fix the issue. After further checking around I discovered how to force repair my Master Boot Record..

    Insert Windows 7 Installation DVD or Startup Disk and get to the "Repair you computer option" and then the "Command Prompt".

    Now you can use one of the following commands:

    Bootsect/nt60 C:\....this will install a window on C Drive

    Bootsect/nt60 All.......if not sure which drive you OS is in..( this on is guaranteed to work).

    Simply remove the disk and reboot. Bingo problem finally solved.
    I'm not sure or how or why it happens but a talked to some people and they had the same issue.
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  4. What does that line of code actually do? Whatever it did, fixed my problem. How did you know to write that code in?
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