x1900xt and 520watt Aspire PSU

I just ordered a computer and i started to wounder if i bought a strong enough power supply for the x1900xt, the power supply being aspire 520watts. I wasnt worried at first when it said minimum 450, but then i saw some reviews saying otherwise, and i forgot to factor i bought a dual core and stuff. feedback from people who might have this combination would be nice.
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  1. You'll be fine, I have the X2 4400+, X1900XT, 2Gigs of Corsair XMS 550 Watt
    Power Supply Creative Xfi, and the Asus AN8 SLI Deluxe for Nvida Quadro FX
    for SLI only when I do Graphic intense work. You'll be fine, being 30 watts short is not a big deal.
  2. Well, I'm going well on my 430W PSU - mind you, I don't have many components, so I think a biggish CPU (dual core) might become critical in terms of PSU. Furthermore, a good brand PSU will always be better than a high wattage less known maker.
  3. cool and thanks. this is my first computer build ever and im definately a "noob" at it. i really didnt take my power supply into consideration but i hope it does good :). im goin from a 1ghz athlon 256 ram 32meg vcard with no fan on it even, to a x2 4400, 2 gigs ram, and a x1900xt. im excited :)
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