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Ok for those of you who are into RTS games there is one coming out that should be watched for and at first chancee get a copy, maybe THG will do a review?? the name of the game is Earth 2160 it is part of the earth game series, which are very cool games the release date for the game in the european countries is in July and in the USA september :( which by the really sucks. so hope you will be looking for it hope to see you online when i get mine and be prepared to be crushed by me.

Attention THG please do a review of this game i think you will like..
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  1. I don't follow games a huge amount.. but it's been in my experience that when a game is launched in Europe before the US, it never really meets expectations..

    A lot of stuff is launched in Japan before it hits the US for testing, kind of the same way I see Europe.

    I've been looking for a fun RTS and FPS for a while.. but can't really find one that I'd care to play. I'll keep an eye out for this one though.
  2. Insane and Flatout, two of my favorite racing games, were released in Europe first. I bought the UK Flatout because I'd have to wait almost 6 extra months for Vivendi to release the US version.

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  3. Try one of the previous two games Earth 2150 and The Moon Project both are very good RTS games.
  4. I'm a big game fan.. and yet I haven't met anyone who plays Earth 2150 and I've never heard of the later.

    Then again, I don't buy every new game that comes out.

    I liked Warcraft I & II, didn't like III at all.
    Still haven't cared for Starcraft yet.. well, the multiplayer way of it.

    Age of Empires.. good concept, time consuming.. it was fun but it got boring..

    Warhammer.. I didn't do multiplayer but I found that game somewhat fun..

    Those are the recent ones I've played.. Aside from Command & Conquer.. I liked the older ones better though.

    I think games are getting way to complex with certain things.. Making people devote way too much to them to learn certain things. My brother was really good at C&C.. because he didn't have a job and could play all the time.

    I'll look into this new one though..
  5. Did you try Rise of Nations? It's really great

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  6. You didnt like starcraft? That game ruled!
  7. And Starcraft 2 is an absolute blast!!! :tongue: <font color=white>Yeah Don't I Wish. Come'on already Blizzard! Give us SC2!</font color=white>

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  8. I dont think its ever going to happen m8. But I live in hope.
  9. Yeah, the Starcrft Ghost concept just doesn't stack up to what a StarCraft 2 could be.

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  10. Solo was fun.. but multiplayer.. Zerg Rush, or building up huge defenses.. it just got boring.. everyone was the same.. people play just to win.. RTS to me are like chess.. you don't do the same thing over and over.. I want a challenge.. a rolling battle.. I don't want someone to build up a huge defense that I have to sit there building a force to take it down.. or make a mobile defense that I have to keep fighting off a zerg rush..

    there is skill in doing that.. but's its no big feat to do.. while no RTS has been able to avoid that stuff.. if you can find people who want the challenge and not just the easy win.. then you find a good game.. but all too often people just want to win and don't really play the game to it's full extent.. and that was starcraft.
  11. Yeh a lot of RTS games do tend to boil down to that.
    Warhammer 40,000k is quite good in the respect that you cant just build up a base you have to use an agressive strategy in order to capture strategic points.
  12. In thinking about RTS games a little more.. they're becoming too fast paced.. What did the average game in WC3 late? 15 minutes? WC1&2 were good because a game would last an hour. At that point, you built up what you needed and had a nice rolling fight.. by rolling meaning you win in some areas, but you lose in others. While you might defeat most of their army, you're too weak to destroy their base..

    WC3, once your army entered a fight, you really couldn't pull back unless you teleported out.. if you retreated, your army was basically done.

    The games are moving too fast.. they need to slow down.. the games today rely too much on minimizing the time between upgrading or selecting units to mine gold or resources.

    The strategdy is missing.. what ever happened to high ground? Units seem to unbalanced even though they're supposed to be balanced..

    Ahh I just want a nice, good paced RTS with stratedgy.. my own, your own, everyone has their own.. instead of just 2-3 ways to do things.
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