The 4in1 drivers result in BIG probs @ Win startup

I own a kt7 (bios 3C), TB@1200MHz (fsb 200MHz), asus v7700 32 Mo + TV, western digital 40Go IDE and HITACHI GD7500 12/40x.
After installing the latest VIA 4in1 drivers, my PC often (80 %) reboots or Freezes on Windows startup.
What's the problem ?
I found that disabling the "Drivers 32 bits in protected mode" (system properties > the last tab > the 5th check box)
solves the problem, but it result that I no langer can use my DVD. So i installed the DOS drivers of my DVD, and then Windows detects my DVD drive the next boot, but some errors occur. this method is then useless.
Can you help me?
NB: excuse my english speaking, but i am french :o)
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  1. Well, the only thing I can think of is: Specifically, which version of the 4n1 drivers did you install?
  2. Hello,
    I tried many 4in1:
    the 4.32 (the last one)
    the 4.29
    the 4.25

    It's always the same :o(
    This is very disapointing. I think the problem comes from the 4in1.
    I tried to install a PCI display board instead of the GF2 agp board and the result is the same.
    i build many PC and I've never seen this before!
    Can you help me ?
    By the way, i use win98se
  3. After that many updates, I'm not sure. Those 4n1 are quirky about overwriting/updating the older versions.

    If you're not overclocking, I think you're going to have to put in a floppy and backup what you can off the drive. A Partition/Format/Install of Win98 is probably the best way to go here, as well as the fastest solution.
  4. Hello,
    I already did what you said about partitions etc..
    I did it at least 10 times! I even learned by heart the win98 key code :o)
    I looked for help in many faqs but it was unsuccessful.
    I really don't know what to do. I'm just hopefully waiting for the newest 4in1.
    Finally perhaps i should replace my mobo, perhaps i should replace the Graphic board, perhaps..., perhaps...
    I feel tired of patching and patching again over the patch! 8^(
    I just wanted a good working PC and I only got big conflicts. Too bad.
  5. "I even learned by heart the win98 key code "

    Wow. I did that once too. If you're installing 4.32 4n1 drivers right after installing windows, then there is something wrong elsewhere. Some motherboards just don't like certain devices. My motherboard hates Voodoo2 cards, and if I have one installed, it will lock the computer up.

    It could be the drive is just bad.......
  6. OK, i'm going to change my HDD instead of an older one.
    If it didn't work, i will try a new Mobo!

    I will tell you if it work!
  7. Alright, i have change my HHD instead of a older one and IT WORKED ! My PC never reboots or freezes again!
    I think i will use an IBM instead of the WD.
    I really don't know the HDD might cause such problems!
    Thank you ejsmith for your help!!
    bye bye :o) , see you (perhaps) soon ;o)
  8. Glad to see it works. I like IBM's drive too.

    You might try out Sisoft Sandra (or something similar), and let it 'grind' on your whole system to see if there are any 'bad' parts. There's a hard drive / memory / cdrom / processor test, which tries to stress the components to their maximum performance. It's better for something in your system to break within the first week (so you can return it easy), than for it to go 'bad' over 6 months later.
  9. i know its a little late, but avoid the 4.28 4in1 drivers. they are BAD NEWS.
    im using the 4.32 ones now found at
    no problems on my a7v133.

    and yes, i also have 2 IBM hard drives. they are really good to me.
    one 40gig 60gxp & an old but extreemly reliable 16.8GP.

    word of advice, try to avoid the 30 or 45 gig drives in the 75gxp line.
    some people have had trouble with them.
    instead try to get the newer 60GXP model.

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  10. When I first setup my system I had a very similar problem, and when I installed the 4 in 1's from vias site (i THINK it was the 4.28's, I had all sorts of trouble, I then installed the ones that came on the cd with the board, worked fine, since then I have been able to update them- bit strange I know, I have since formatted and got the same problem of having to install them off the cd 1st.(ABIT KT7A Raid)

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  11. Hmmmm...I also have been facing some rather wierd problems like 2-3 secs lockups at irregular intervals. I guess I'll go reinstall my O/S as well as run the burn-in test from Sandra Sisoft.

    Boy, I never knew the 4.28's caused this much trouble.
  12. I recall reading somewhere that your not supposed to install the AGP drivers from the VIA 4-in-1 set because the Northbridge is not VIA on the A7V. I can probably find the post again if your interested. Is this true? What did you do?

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  13. Sorry about that...I was thinking of the K7 boards with the AMD 750 chipsets. A7V's have VIA Northbridge and Southbridge chipsets.

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  14. Remember to uninstall the old VIA drivers before installing new ones.

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