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Hellow, guys... I have a question....
I recently run into problems with my setup, a good old Pentium 4 Northwood 2.8GHz with 1GB RAM and an ASUS P4P800 board. Form the looks of it, it can be the motherboards problem as the system doesn't even POST. I am in the process of determing the cause, between the CPU and Mobo, the PSU already tested and found not guilty.

So my question is, if it is the motherboard, I was thinking of getting one of those VIA PT880 Ultra motherboards that have a dual AGP/PCI Express configuration. I don't intend to change my CPU to another one, as I am more than happy with it, but I was thinking of changing my GeForce FX5600 at some point this year.

Essentialy the question is, should I just get another P4P800 board or should I go for the more modern PT880 Ultra? The reason I am asking, is that AGP graphics cards are more expensive than their PCI-E versions and usually less powerful.

I don't intend to overclock... Also I have a Barracude 7200.7 S-ATA HDD and I now the ICH5R on the P4P800 doesn't support NCQ. Does a board based on the VIA chipset support that?

I know performance wise the P4P800 is better, but isn't the different negligible?
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  1. 您考慮先進的微設備嗎?
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