chipset fan is LOUD!!!

Ive had a MSI K8n Neo4 motherboard for about 3 months and for the last month or so the chipset fan is friggin loud. I dont know much about computer hardware so I dont know what to do. I unplugged it to see if I really need it, I touched the side of the fan case after five or six minutes of being uplugged and it actually burned my hand so I plugged it back in. The people at said I should take off the fan then put some oil on the spindle but I cant figure out how to get the fan off. My room is very dusty so maybe the dust soaks up the oil really bad.

I have repeatedly blown out the case thoroughly with a can of air so its clean enough to eat on.

MSI K8N Neo4/SLI platinum edition
AMD Athlon 64 3500+
ATI Radeon x850 Pro 256mb
1gig of RAM
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  1. Keep at it, I'm sure you'll figure out how to get it off eventually. It probably has some tiny screws hiding under the blades or something.
  2. you can also try replacing the cpu HSF. Check out this article for options and explanations.
  3. He probably doesn't need to replace it, just oil it, and these fans come off easily once you figure out where they're attached.
  4. Yea, those fans are the worst idea ever. They already run at 5000Rpm+, don't hardly make any noise, and they tend to die really easy. I would try looking at getting a larger heatsink and just scrapping the fan altogether. I bought a Liquid cooling Kit for the CPU, and used another block for the chipset just so I didn't have to worry about that stupid thing breaking.

    My old pc, my fan started making that growling noise everytime I started the computer, so I actually took the fan off of our old Pentium 60 that I was throwing away and put it on there. 10 year old fan, still works better than these new POS that they put on there.
  5. i have this mobo, and my fan died after 4 months, what i did is got a vantec chipset fan, and got a zalman fanmate 2. that quites things down for when i am not gaming, but when you are just turn it up to the max
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