case audio jacks, where do they plug in?

hi there, I have the Asus A8N32-sli deluxe and the antec P-180 case. i need to know where to plug in the wires for the front audio jacks on the case? i think its the set of pins on the motherboard at the end of the black pcie port. if you're looking at the mobo with the IO ports on the top right, then these pins are near the top left. But there are two blue jumpers in there. is this where i plug in the audio wires for the case?
if so, do i take out those jumpes? what are they for?
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  1. Sound goes from the sound chip to the rear ports along a "trace", which is a wire in the board. That wire is broken at the jumper, and a jumper goes across it.

    Some cases have an "h" shaped audio jack that allows the front panel to get sound without disabling the rear jack, others have a single wire that forces you to choose between front audio (rear disconnected because of the missing jumper) or rear audio (front disconnected and jumper attached).
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