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Hello, I am having difficulty installing a Sony Floppy Drive into my computer. I'm almost positive I have it wired in correctly and I have power to it. It detects that it's there because I'll open up "my computer" and it'll show the image for a floppy drive A. The only problem is when I insert a floppy disk into the drive and click on the icon, it just says "insert disk into drive A," so I suppose that it's just not detecting the disk. Is this a driver problem or a hardware problem? Thank you.
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  1. Make sure you installed the floppy cable correctly for it can be installed the wrong way. Yes the cable can go the other way. So the cable could be upside down so try flipping it. :D I have a Sony floppy drive and it happened to me.
  2. If that is a question, make sure the ribbon pin 1 (indicated with the colored wire in the cable or a small imprinted arrow on the cable connector) lines up with pin 1 on the floppy drive (again a small arrow or even a printed "1" on the floppy circuit board.
  3. Thanks guys, but it still doesn't solve the problem. I've switched the cables every single way and it's not working. But when i go under device manager it says it's all working properly. =/
  4. it still says to "insert disk into drive A"
  5. Windowz is retarted... I dont have a floppy drive in my machine but it says there is one in My Computer. I assume it just picks up the controller. If BIOS is picking up your drive, then It is there. Thats what realy matters

    As for the Insert Disck crap... It just may not be working with the disk your using. Try another brand or one you know has data on it that is not very old.
  6. Easiest way to figure out if the drive is connected right: The light should go out at boot.
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