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Hello all. Guess I'm new here. Well, I have a question to ask. Recently, my friend messed up his computer, whether by infection or because he accidently deleted some neccessary windows files (an xp machine, btw). Anyhow, I am trying to reformat it now to no avail. I have tried using a boot disk and reformat using the commands "format :c", "a: format c:", "CD C:" and so forth, and this does not work. I have tried putting in a WinXP and a WinME installation disc, and although the CD drive is set to boot first, the installation discs do not boot or do not fully execute. I have also tried using Western Digital's diagnostic tools, and each time, the program does not fully execute and reboots the computer after 'pressing any key'. I have one more option though, and that is to attach it as a slave drive to my own hard drive, but I have some questions on this matter. First, would there be any conflicts in attaching a C Drive as a slave to my own C Drive, which is the master drive. Second, in the case that the drive is infected, there wouldn't be a chance of it infecting my own computer? This is one option I really don't want to consider, because I am paranoid, but may be willing to do if it turns out to be a safe option. But besides my two questions, does anyone else have any other ideas for me? pretty please?

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  1. How about doing it in a working computer. Just simply remove the hd and install it on a good running computer and format it from there. :)
  2. Get a really big magnet! just kidding... altho makes you wonder if it'll work!

    Should be safe to install as a slave on your computer. The system will boot from your master drive, so don't worry about that. The system shouldn't contract a virus or whatever, just don't execute any of the files on the infected drive.

    Another thing you can do it attach it as a slave, then run fdisk on it w/ your computer.

    Seems strange that the XP install disc can't do it on his computer. Might be something bigger wrong than just a bad install on a HDD.
  3. It sounds like there might be more problems with the drive itself than a virus or missing files. It could have a boot sector virus that screwing things up but I've no experience with that.

    I find it odd that Western Digital's own diagnostic software cannot even gain access to the drive.

    Good luck.
  4. I always have this problem, first of all did u fdisk, fdisking will help, and CD C: dosen't work its just C:, also if that dosent work see what killdisking does
  5. well it is booting from floppy if he got into dos
  6. Quote:
    I have tried putting in a WinXP and a WinME installation disc, and although the CD drive is set to boot first, the installation discs do not boot or do not fully execute

    Anyone notice this? Are you trying to boot from the xp cd and have boot disks run??? Does the XP cd boot at all? If not where does it fail? The HD will not affect the xp boot process unless it is REALLY hosed. I'd look at ram or motherboard if it won't boot an xp cd with the HD disconnected.
  7. I always found 98 boot disks work best, and the bootable cds dont do good.
  8. thanks for the tips so far everyone. right now, im running killdisk as advised by rmnsf936. seems to be working so far (37% complete...w/o freezing. amazing). so i think i found my solution...although if that fails, guess i'll hook it up to my comp or just tell my friend to get a new HD. thanks all.
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