ASRock 939Dual-Sata2 wont get past post screen with pciecard

I just recently bought an ASRock 939Dual-Sata2 motherboard and got a 3700+ sandiego to go with it. I am looking to get a pci-e card for video and replace my 9600 atlantis. The problem is that my computer will run fine on my 9600 agp card but when i put in my friends 6800gs pci-e then it will only post and tell me the specs like ram and hard drives, etc. It will not continue into loading windows. I have tried changing the bios settings to pci, pci-express, and agp but none get past that spot. I know my friends card is good because he has used it in his computer (same kind of mobo) and his other friends computer that has an asus a8n-sli deluxe and works with both. I am wondering if there is anything that you can think of that i can do to fix my mobo or is it screwed. Thx for the help.

3700+ sandiego
ASRock 939Dual-Sata2
9600 256mb atlantis
160gb seagate sata
1gb (2x512) geil value ram
Antec Super lanboy
Antec truepower II 480 blue
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  1. Did you connect the extra power cable?
  2. Yes i connected the extra power cable. Any other sugestions?
  3. did u go into the bios and change the setting from agp to pcie????
  4. How well did you clean up the drivers from the ATI card before installing the nVidia?
  5. Yes tried changing agp to pcie in bios and didn't help. ATI drivers were not cleaned out but even with them in i should still be able to get past bios. At least i am pretty sure.
  6. Just to be sure...are you following procedures outlined in the mobo manual for installing the GPU? No special setting rqmts? Jumper settings on the board?

    Try resetting the CMOS. If that doesn't fix, then try updating BIOS.
  7. I have that board and have had no problems so far with it. It may be something as come lose during the change over. Make sure everything is seated properly. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for everyones help, i have tried it all to no avail so i am rmaing it and get a new one. Thanks for all the help. Just think the board is bad, it happens sometimes lol.
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