Thermal interface material? Is it included in AMD OpteronPIB

Aperently the Opteron 270 Processor in a box includes a Fan/Heatsink but NOT thermal interface material????
Whats up with that? Am I missing something? It says in the instalation guide,
"Thermal interface material is required for all AMD processors, use only the recommended theramal inteface matterial for this processor (see thermal cooling guideline on AMDs website for a complete list of approved material for the specific processor you are using."

BUt i have gone to AMDs website and for the love of pete, I cannot find any info on thermal inteface material that AMD recomends.

How about Artic Silver 5? Should I buy that and be safe? I dont want to screw anythign up.
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  1. Acording to this link bellow. The thermal inteface material is already pre-aplied to the heatsink. THats what that grey square is. So you dont have to go out and buy your own artic silver 5 or whatever. Well, problem solved. AMD should make that clearer in the manuel.,,30_182_869_8819%5E6678,00.html
  2. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing that with all of us. Try googling the question next time. ;-)
  3. LMAO

    Man, i'm so glad we've got you around :wink:
  4. A refreshing thread!
  5. Well, maybe some kid in the future will come across this "non-event" problem, which he thinks is a problem- then search here and -Bam- Ive saved him 9 bucks. now the world is a better place.
  6. indeed
  7. All I can say is, Thank God for Google!
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