Opteron 270 = what thermal interface material should I use?

I have 2 dual core AMD Opteron 270 processors Im installing that came as PIB (processor in a box) which is supposed to include both Heatsink and fan but aparently they dont include the required thermal compound. Unless Im missing something??? What thermal interface material should I use? I have checked AMDs website but they dont list any brands? How about artic silver 5?
Im a bit ticked off that I have to make another trip to the store for this.

PS: Actually the bottom of the AMD heatsink looks like it has a soft pad on it. Could this be a thermal pad of some kind that is supoesd to serve as the thermal inteface matterial compound?

Sorry for cross posting but i think this topic is better here.
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  1. Never mind. The AMD processors include thermal interface material already aplied. Acording to this video that I found bellow.. Porblem solved.

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