"There are no active mixer devices available"

Hi guys,
You guys have been very helpful in the past with the endless sound issues I seem to get. I'm wondering if you could help me again...

I'm using a work computer lent to me at the moment, but I can't get the sound to work. The IT guy has better things to do than let me listen to internet radio. Everytime I ask him why it isn't working, he says, "Because it's shit." So I thought I'd ask there.

Whenever I access the Volume Mixer, I get this error message.

"There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware. This program will now close."

Naturally, it doesn't pick up any other devices when I do this.

The motherboard has onboard sound - SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio - and pug-and-play picks it up everytime I uninstall it from the device manager. I've never seen this before and there's diddly-squat on the net about it.

I've downloaded the 1/ 09/ 2004 driver for SoundMAX (5.12.1 version) and this hasn't done anything.

I wish I knew how to find out what motherboard I'm using. The device manager only tells me about the bus chipset. Is there any way I can figure it out.
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  1. Hi
    if you are trying to use the computer at work on the network, you may find that those clever little IT people have blocked out the sound card so you can not listen to it while at work.

    if on the other hand you are using it at home you could try logging on to you will find all the drivers you need to install the soundcard again.

    if you are using xp when you down load the drivers put them on to cd and when it reboots it will ask you to install the drivers just click yes that might work, if its 98 you can down load the drivers to your documents, once this has been done open your documents and double click on the file you just downloaded that will then either un zip them to a new folder or just install them staright away.

    if in 98 you reboot and it says found sound card install drivers click no, once you have done that go into device manager look for the sound card right click on it and select update driver, it will then ask you what location, browese untill you find your documents, then click to open you sould then see the sound card folder double click on it to open you may see either setup i think double click set up and it should load the drivers.
  2. Go to Start --> Run, and type in services.msc.
    A window will pop up with a list of services. Scroll down to Windows Audio.
    Right-click it and select Properties , click on start and then set the "Startup type" as automatic.
  3. Hello,
    This issue has been bugging many for the past few yrs now...well the main culprit has been Microsoft...yes....they installed some updates in machines running WinXP Sp2 to make it compatible with the new IE browser version....along with the update the script had some codes that will change some IRQs for IE to function properly..."SECURITY ISSUES"

    In that update process the script made some changes to the IRQs of the sound chip on the motherboard of many PCs all over the world and made them useless....they did try to make some updates using subsequent updates...but I guess the damage had already been done...
    Well "some say" it was a deliberate "corporate ploy / strategy" so that people will move to Win7 and in that process buy new machines...

    How do I know these...well I worked / work for Intel and GE in Seattle / Atlanta....if you visit the dumpsters in the community where you live in many US can witness many PCs dumped in there...well just imagine how much of e-waste these corporate have created in the past 2 yrs....and we call them the best org to work with...unethical professionals.....the worst part is even....I am too part of it...

    I found a simple solution...if PC is a desktop then you can just buy a 1$ USB Sound Adaptor from EBay and connect you speakers and mike to that...they work great....simple but will work for laptops too but unfortunately you'll have to use external speakers....

    Any feedback is welcome...
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