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Hey guys, im presently buying the parts for my computer and theres something that i really dont understand. few days ago i decided to buy a Opteron 165 at my local store, wich is in canada. i went at their site to see it it was available or not and thats when i saw that this cpu did not exist. I mean that it was there but it didnt had the same name, well look by yourself, cause its hard to explain...

AMD Opteron 140 *Retail Box* $139.00
AMD Opteron 142 *Retail Box* $139.00
AMD Opteron 144 *Retail Box* $139.00
AMD Opteron 146 *Retail Box* $181.00
AMD Opteron 148 *Retail Box* $266.00
AMD Opteron 240 *Retail Box* $229.00
AMD Opteron 242 *Retail Box* $229.00
AMD Opteron 244 *Retail Box* $229.00
AMD Opteron 246 *Retail Box* $286.00
AMD Opteron 248 *Retail Box* $419.00
AMD Opteron 250 *Retail Box* $587.00
AMD Opteron 252 *Retail Box* $884.00
AMD Opteron 254 *Retail Box* $1,076.00
AMD Opteron 846 *RB* NO/FAN $856.00
AMD Opteron Dual Core 265 *RB* $879.00
AMD Opteron Dual Core 270 *RB* $1,084.00
AMD Opteron Dual Core 275 *RB* $1,333.00
AMD Opteron Dual Core 280 *RB* $1,647.00

As you can see i think this was the CPU that i wanted but i dont understand why i doesnt have the same name and why it costs so much...so what do you think?
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  1. hot dang, wtf is up with Amd pricing? I thought they were for the little man...f'king thieves.
  2. I like to check in on the kennel once in a while...still I see Amd acting like little babies, never advertising, always complaining.
  3. Well meltie, still telling the same lies I see. Nice of you to drop in.
    Looks like your dad is getting ready to put out a nice new chip, where's the hype?
  4. The 265 is a socket 940 part, has one more active HT link, and is rated for use in a dual processor, 4 core setup. That makes it a heavy hitter, in the small server market.
    You want something like this from Anitec, in Vancouver.
    If you dont live in B.C. they will ship, and you wont have to pay PST.
  5. ok thx for the tips
  6. For one thing since he's in Canada that could be canadan dollars and opty 200 series are for designed for servers you obviously haven't priced highend Xeon processors lately.
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