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hi guys i like to upgrade windows 8 Pro but i am confused about the games runing on windows 8 or not. have installed NFS most wanted 2 skidrow assasin creeds 3 skidrow. please tell me that the all games can run on windows 8 or not.
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  1. All win7 games run on win8.
  2. Most all of my games run just fine on Windows 8. However I am not going to comment on whether or not pirated copy's of any games will work. Buy the games and then you can find out if they work on Windows 8.
  3. The problem with Windows 8 and games is the graphics drivers. If you have a recent graphics card you should not have any problems, but if your graphics card is a year or two old then expect bugs and if your graphics card is older than two years consider yourself lucky if you can get it to work at all. I hope that the situation will improve with time but there is no guarantee that the older drivers will ever be updated.
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