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Hi guys i have an XFX Geforce 6800Gt , and this is the thing , my graphic card shuts down anytime i go on game becuase of fan and cooling is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.
so i ether can get an 7800GS with normal fan or nice fan which i found these 2 pretty good...
one is zalman FV-700
or the beautilful Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5

the price doesnt matter , nothing matters EXEPT FOR COOLING! have alot of room...
which is deal get nice fan or just get an 7800GS ?
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  1. Why did you post this question in 4 different areas?
  2. If it were me, I would want to figure out why my current graphics card is overheating to the point of shutting down. I have a Leadtek 6800GS Extreme. It is overclocked and it idles between 41C-43C depending greatly on room temperature. At full load it might reach 52C. This would seem hot for a gpu, but it is well under the ridiculously high nvidia throttle temp of 125C!! Your stock heat sink should be able to at least keep the card cool enough to prevent shutting down. I suspect your case temp must be too high and getting a high output case fan as an intake to blow across your card might help as well as blowing the dust out of your current cards fan. Most people I know that have bought aftermarket vga coolers, buy them mostly to reduce noise and for cooling secondly. If you do want to go that route, I have buddies that are very happy with the Arctic Cooler vga cooler. As far as buying a 7800 to fix the problem, both the 6800 and 7800 use similar cooling methods and I would think your going to have problems with the new card as well. My buddy has an XFX 7800Gt, and while his card outperforms mine, it is hardly a $300 difference.
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