Is the 7900 for sale?

i just went to newegg and saw the price and listing of the 7900 GT, does that mean its for sale now? Or is it still just estimated prices and companies?

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  1. Woooo! The Evga 7900GT is more powerful than my 7800GTX. This card has 550/1580 and my 7800GTX has 460/1300! Wow. The big difference is the price. The 7900GTX 512 from Evga with 690/1760 is just shocking and it only cost $599 about $60 more than I first bought my 7800GTX 256! :(
    Im now officially selling my 7800GTX 256 for $400 each to get SLI with Evga 7900GTX 512!
  2. Yeah the 7900GT is the best value card I've seen so far. For a mere $350 that has more juice than the fastest 7800GTX 256. And the 7900GTX 512 blows both 7800GTX 512 and the X1900XTX 512 in both performance and price! Wow. 8O I can't wait for Tom's to get a hold of the Evga in SLI (which is the fastest I've seen so far) and test it for benchmarks with the fastest cpu today! 8O I believe it could get up to 1500+ on 3DMark06 on air cooling and with no overclocking! 8O Now I can't go to sleep. For one thing I was right about my prediction of the price that it will be cheaper than the 7800GTX512 and X1900XTX! 8O It's just unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. yes, it will be cheater than god!
  4. Quote:
    And the 7900GTX 512 blows both 7800GTX 512 and the X1900XTX 512 in both performance and price! Wow

    can i have the link to them benchmarks please chuckshissle.
    I am eagerly awaiting the real benchies also. I saw this over in [H], which if true would indicated the X1900XTX can still completely spank the 7900GTX is Fear and beat it in BF2. If the 7900GTX now takes the lead in SCCT, then that seems like a good improvement. No other reviews are up to my knowledge, so I'll have to wait until after work. :x
  5. A gamming system doesn't always have to include a good ocing ability. But the 4 sticks is kind of =/
  6. A good guess as to why he wouldn't really want to oc higher would probably be his board or ram limitations? or perhaps he just wants to play around with it and have the satisfaction of ocing something for fun.
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