Need to run 32bit on 64bit windows 7 temporary

I have windows 7 ulitmate 64bit and I need to run a 32bit program for a short while. I thought that windows 7 would allow a 32bit program to run, but I can't seem to get it to work.

What am I missing

Thanks DM
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  1. were you able to install the program?

    have you tried to run it in XP SP2 Compatibility Mode?

    have you tried to install Virtual XP?

    you might be able to run it in the Virtual environment.
  2. It should run with no problems. If it's an older program, just install "Windows XP Mode" - It's free. Google it
  3. A 32 bit program should work in a 64 bit environment. 64 bit windows is not compatible with 16 bit applications though. What is the name of the app your trying to use?
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