What ever happened to decent Motherboards

By decent I mean just a motherboard. I am currently using an ASUS P4T-E motherboard because it is a solid motherboard and it doesn’t have Audio, Video, Extra Hard Drive Controllers, or anything else. Personally I want to be able to add my own Video Card, Sound Card, and Network Card and don’t want to have to disable ones on the motherboard. I also don’t need the ability to attach 10 IDE devices all I need is one or two fast hard drives and one or two optical drives. It would just be nice to be able to purchase a motherboard and not have to disable multiple items on it.

I really don’t have a specific question with this post I would just like to know if I’m the only person who thinks this way.

Happy Computing!
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  1. Onboard components have come a long way. The onboard 7.1 sound on my board is fine. I know onboard audio/video will always be inferior to the real thing, but it's nice to know you can buy a board and be up and running with minimal components, then buy a sound card, vid card, network card,..., whatever when you have the money for it. The onboard stuff doesn't really raise the price that much. As a bonus, if your vid card or something dies, you can use the onboard stuff as a backup until you can get a replacement card.
  2. Check out:


    The Asrock website: http://www.asrock.com/index_english.html

    The boards sell for around AU$125 and perform quite well.
    Onboard sound on them usually supports Creative EAX fine aswell.

    The lack of PCIe x1-x4 slots on the Foxconn board isn't an issue, as it has everything a user needs, performs fine with a Radeon X1900 XTX / GeForce 7900 GTX or any lesser video card installed... it even has onboard GeForce 6150 for ppl who don't need the latest in 3D. (The onboard is pretty damn good considering, rarely does a board impress me at a given price point, but the Foxconn 6150 does).
  3. Well, there are some integrated things that are generally good to have and some that I could do without. I want a good integrated SATA and IDE controller as they are faster than about any add-in card that will fit in a regular consumer-grade board. Ditto with USB, FireWire. Integrated Ethernet can be great if done well as the better PHYs have much better links to the chipset than the PCI that add-in cards use. Again, you can get gigabit NICs, but most are PCI-X and won't fit in most boards.

    Audio I can take or leave, but integrated graphics suck. So do chipset fans- you are pretty much forced to spend over $110 or so for a board with passive cooling.
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