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Hy ! I'd like to buy a Galaxy GeForce 6800XT 256MbDDR3,256bit,425/1000Mhz,8 pixel/4 vertex pipelines,Zalman cooling,Pci-E. I'd like to know is someone have this video card and if it can be unlocked the extra pipelines and how many can be unlocked. It is possible to reach 16 pipes unlocked ??
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  1. Depends on the GPU (actual core, not 6800 XT) the card has.

    No doubt some of them might be able to handle it, but other cards (from the same company, just diff revision) will not.

    Recommending a (PCIe x16) GeForce 6800 GS with 12 pipelines instead.
    I know it sounds crazy, however they have 12/16 the pipelines but they are clocked 16/12ths higher to compensate for it (compared to the GeForce 6800 GT).

    Recently got a Gigabyte GeForce 6800 GS, and for the price it performs far better than the GeForce 6800 XT (which lacks a 100% chance of unlocking extra pipelines, and if so you may need to underclock the 6800 XT GPU to get it stable if you can).

    The cooling solution on the Gigabyte 6800 GS is well attached, Video RAM timings are not going to cause issues down the track if the card 'heats up a little' from dust build up / age, and they currently ship with Quake 4, and likely Power DVD 6 depending on your location, are included for free.

    Gigabyte also hold several patents on GPU / VPU cooling improvements over the reference designs.

    Update: Almost all shipping PCI Express x16 6800 XT/GS cards can not be unlocked, The AGP varients more often can be. However they are clocked 16/12ths higher (as above) so perform identically to the original 6800 GT (a far better card than the 6800 XT)

    The 6800 GS is just a cheaper re-manufacture of the 6800 GT GPU, on a smaller die size thus it clocks higher and uses less power ;), typically at around 475 - 500 MHz x 12 pipelines, vs 350 - 375 MHz x 16 pipelines of the 6800 GT.... the pixel fillrate and shader performance of the 6800 GT/GS are almost identical. The prices however... well the 6800 GS is heaps cheaper and kicks the 6800 XT in the balls at a very similar price point, while including Quake 4 (and maybe PowerDVD 6) in the box to boot. :P

    eg: (Using easier to multiply numbers): When comparing two very similar GPUs:

    - One clocked at 250 MHz with 16 pipelines,
    - Compared to another similar GPU clocked at 500 MHz with 8 pipelines,

    They will perform very similar to each other. (In fact the 500 Mhz / 8 pipeline one will perform slightly faster).

    Any questions just e-mail or PM me.
  2. I am currently using low end graphics cards like sapphire's x300se, inno3d's 6200, forsa's 6600 and the latest one I got was msi's X1300pro. Yes x1300pro did outperform all of these cards but I had a few problems while playing farcry with full effects on. (The water reflections didnot update and were still at first but now when ever I go to outdoor scenery I can't see anything in the screen only lines and lines. I don't know what is the problem with the game I tried reinstalling the game - updating graphics drivers - patches and all - but invain)

    Anyways now I want to buy a higher/mid range graphics. My provider has two graphics cards that suits my buget. One is Galaxy's 6800XT 128MB and the other is HIS/MSI/Grandmars X1600Pro 256MB.

    Now I am really confused which one to buy. Can anyone suggest me which card will be better.

    Will the 12pixelpipelined x1600pro be better than the 8 pixelpipelined 6800xt.
  3. I can suggest you stating what your budget is ? I rarely look at the cost of the entry level cards I'm not current wit those prices you almost could be looking at the wrong places to buy them (meaning you can find better cheaper).
  4. Actually I am from Kathmandu,Nepal. Our Computer Market is very backward. We donot get any kind of high end graphics cards in our market. If we go to buy one then the vender will show you primitive cards like nvidia's fx 5200 & 5500 or ATI 92xx series.

    Some how I managed to find this store PC Zone in Malaysia and I have links though which I could buy high end gadgets from them.
    Now this store has only the above mentioned two high/end cards Galaxy's 6800XT and HIS X1600Pro which suits my budget. 6800xt costs 585RM and x1600pro about 550RM. Other cards that were available around my budget were ATI's X800s & 700s & 6600GTs.

    In case of ATI I don't want to buy ATI's Xx00 series card so I have to opt for x1000 series - and for nvidia I already have a 6600.
    Also ATI's X1800 & X1900 series and nvidia's 6800GTs,7800s & 7900s are way higher priced than my budget.

    Now remaining choices were HIS's ICEQ X1600Pro and Galaxy 6800XT.

    I just want to know which card outperforms in the two of them.
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