Intel & AMD Future road maps whats your opinion?

Let me start by saying this. In all I hope that both companies continue the race for the best chip crown...etc..etc. This will make it better for us in any flavor of chip we choose!
In the resent re-cap from anandtech. My statements concerning this "preview"
as fishy was well deserved untill this recap. So I withdraw those statements and apoligize as they provided no merit. On the other hand I will how ever say that I do not like Intels marketing dept, due to the fluff its been doing for sometime with the aproveial from up their chain and Intels bullying that cause them a lawsuit. In spite of all that I do hope that they have changed their chip designs as to ensure better things to come for all.

With that said. What are your voices on the future from AMD and Intel?
Please note this is on pure speculation and no hard facts!!

I think that we mite be headed for something like the GHZ war, only this time its on chip design/feature's and priceing in the market. Which I hope for because it will be a buyers market as both chip makers fight for its share of the market.
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  1. If intel plays their cards right and the roadmap stays on track (several ifs) then I can see Intel starting the whole ghz campaign over again except this time, like you said it won't be raw clocks, but something in the line of cores. What I find interesting is that they refuse to go to an OMC which makes me wonder if having an OMC becomes an issue when you start using quads. Just speculation in my part. Not to get out of subject but has amd demod a working quad?
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