Buying a Barebones System?

Ok so putting in some ram, hard drives, cd/dvd drives etc is pretty basic. But Im worried about setting up the motherboard/processor/case in my investment. Afterall if I goof something there, there goes a huge majority of my money and Im already on a budget.

Any thoughts for somebody like myself if its worth pay the extra and getting a pre-assembled barebones system and then just adding what I want?

Also a huge thanks to this sticky:
it's seemed to help alot with my needs in reseaching so far (as well as this board in general).

Im currently looking to start with:
Asus A8N-E (939) no SLI
Athlon 64 3800+ (Venice) or an Athlon 64 X2 4400+

Any recommendations/advice is greatly appreciated!
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  1. If you are that fearful of damaging a component, barebones is an easy way to go, pick out the barebones kit based on the board and psu need and away you go. I would invest in an antistatic wrist strap if you intend to install the motherboard yourself. Most cases allow you to pull the platform that the mobo sits on which would make it much easier.
  2. Thanks gpfear... Im just thinking that I might pay a tad more, but the risk management (for me) seems to think its worth it... I want to build something cheaper from scratch for my first real build.. A cheapo for my niece maybe.... Then if I make an explosion it will be a cheap one 8O

    If anybody can recommend a quality company that builds barebones, fire away.... Right now Im mostly just shopping around on pricewatch browsing.
  3. i live down the street from tiger direct.
    i like some of their bare bones kits.

    sometimes it is cheaper to buy everthing seperate/
  4. I stopped using them recently. I like Tiger. I just hate the fact that they use UPS.
  5. Tiger Direct does have some great prices if you don't mind waiting for the rebate checks. Unless you are being careless, it is kind of hard to really screw up putting a motherboard into a case. And as long as you are careful putting your processor in, it is really easy! I was worried about putting my first PC together too but everything worked out just fine. I would try putting one together yourself if you enjoy that kind of thing!
  6. I have been using lately and taking advantage of the free 2nd day fedex shipping. I work in IT, so I'm negetive when it comes to people trying things themselves. Only because I always see things when they go badly.
  7. I have had zipzoomfly recommended to me, but I still haven't checked it out. I am a Newegg loyalist! I'm in IT too, and I agree most people don't need to do things themselves :) However, if he is going to put in the other components and set up the PC himself, he may as well take the plunge and do a complete build IMO. I know I have more pride in the PCs I build myself :)
  8. Yeah I want to take the plunge and build, but I just am leary I might land in the toilet :cry:

    I don't mind paying a bit more for something pre-assembled barebones and then I can salvage some from my old computer for an upgrade. But really with all thats changed since my last computer theres not much I can salvage besides some storage with my old drives, cd rom, dvd burner...

    It seems so far I can go barebones with just the mobo/processor/case/psu Ill end up paying more than building, but then Ill save some buy buying the rest and adding it on my own (vs just buying something complete). It seems too that Im finding some barebones systems at places like newegg and zipzoomfly listed on pricewatch, but they arent listed on their main site searches. Strange (maybe Im just snoozing).

    Im still thinking it all over and shopping around. I appreciate the recommends in places to shop too. Nice group of people here and a wealth of knowledge helping me a lot.
  9. Might as well. I am holding off on a new system for a while. Until the new processors are released along with a new OS and software to take advantage of the hardware, I cant see opening my wallet.
  10. I figure once Conroe has been out long enough that I can afford one and Vista has had a least some of the bugs worked out, then I'll build a new system. Really if you have a good P4 (or AMD; I'm not taking any sides :) ) I think you'll be set for a while. I will probably get a new GPU sometime this year though, my 6600GT is getting a little age!
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