HELP Mobile GPU Question RADEON x600 VS. GeForce Go 6600 MXM

Looking at getting a midpriced laptop, and im down to 2

one has a ATI Mobility RADEON x600, and the other has a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6600 MXM II. I just want to know which GPU is better, especially for playing World of Warcraft, because that is the main game i play. But i would also like to be able to play halflife 2.

Thanks for the info in advance!!!
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  1. X600 is 4 pipeline, 6600 Go is 8.

    6600 Go wins...
  2. Thanks for the input Cleeve, do you know if the Go 6600 has more gaming hardware options, haze, and shading than the x600. To me a card can be fast as hell, but theres no point if it dosent look good.
  3. Bests the X600 on all counts... Speed and technology. It has Shader Model 3.0 and the X600 has SM 2.0

    But speed is sometimes more important than features. Typically, the X850 XT is many times faster than, say, the 6600 GT. And even though it's features are slightly lower, in real world gaming it is a much better card to have, especially since the 6600 may not have the horsepower to use those features in a game without the framerate dropping to unplayable levels.
  4. Quote:
    Looking at getting a midpriced laptop, and im down to 2...

    Just to make this extra simple, as an owner of a laptop with an MR X700, I say "Ditto what Cleeve said" in true 2004 fashion. 8)

    GF6600>X600, on all counts.
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